Essick Air H12-400 3-Speed Humidifier

How would you like to humidify your entire home with only one product? Now with the help of the Essick Air H12-400 3-Speed Humidifier you can as this product is one of the best whole house humidifiers. Fitted with a classy oak wood exterior, this whole house humidifier can be used in areas of approximately 2,500 feet squared maximum. What makes this model even better however, is the way it also benefits your wallet. Using nothing but evaporated water through its system, this humidifier doesn’t require nearly as much power as other models.

The advantages of having a humidifier on hand are already well-stated in other places. Added moisture in a home can not only play a big role in reducing some of the more obvious Cough & Cold symptoms, but can also be a big help in relieving milder discomforts such as chapped lips and dried throats. What’s especially interesting about the Essick Air Speed Evaporative Humidifier is that the benefits go beyond the usual. Through the release of all that extra moisture, you can save even more through the preservation of items around the house such as plants, furniture, wallpaper, and even computers.

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Humidifier Features and Specifications

  • Can be Used In Areas of Up to 2,500 Feet Squared
  • No Worries About Having to Clean up White Dust When You Use a Whole House Humidifier
  • Using the the Essick Air H12-400 3-Speed Humidifier, Plants and Furniture Can Last Longer Through the Introduction of Humidity
  • Use a Humidstat to Control the Humidity Levels In Your Home
  • The Essick Air H12-400 3-Speed Humidifier has a Limited Warranty of 1 Year

Essick Humidifier Customer Feedback

Buyers had a lot to say about this product. A few of the highlights for them included the easy assembly, the attractive exterior, and the controls that allowed people to make the changes they wanted. Although this unit wasn’t expected to be quiet, many were pleasantly surprised to find that this Speed Evaporative Humidifier was not too loud. Quite a few people bought the item because it could be used for a larger area and were very pleased with how well this unit was able to get the job done.

One of the problems that reviewers seemed to have was with customer service when claiming warranties. There was at least one individual who claimed that the combination of poor communication and less than satisfactory replacement parts was enough to prevent him from making use of the warranty a second time. Several people were also concerned about this whole house humidifier’s ability to last. For the most part however, it seemed like most buyers were satisfied with what this room humidifier product brought to the table.

This Humidifier is a Recommended Product

If one humidifier in a small room can make a big difference, imagine what could happen if you humidified your entire house. The Essick Humidifier allows you to do exactly that. Having several humidifiers in the house is a pain for both refilling and cleaning purposes. By purchasing the this humidifier you can get all the benefits of having a humidifier in every room while maintaining only one. Buy this humidifier  and experience the benefits for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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